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Aerial Truck with Basket

​18m-20m Aerial Truck With Basket, Dongfeng 20m Aerial Working Truck

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Product Description:


The Dongfeng aerial with basket is a truck used to do lifting work in applications requiring work high above the ground, such as power system, advertisements, photography, telecom telecommunications, parks, transportation, ports, and more.


1. The chassis is manufactured by some famous companies, such as Foton ,Dongfeng, 1SUZU, JAC, JMC, etc.

2. The aerial truck lift is designed with four hydro cylinders and manual accelerator.

3. Equipped with four H-shaped outriggers, our aerial truck lift can operate steadily.

4. It can complete a 360° spin.

5. Lifting hook is optional. Our aerial truck lift can lift up materials whose weight is in the range of 1 to 1.5t.

6. The cab is designed with two rows of seats. It can hold five or six persons init.

Main Specification:

Technical parameters for Dongfeng Double Cabin 18m-20m Aerial Truck With Basket


Product Details:


Truck Picture: 

Photo 1: Right front view


Photo 2 : Right back view


Photo 3: Left side view


Photo 4: Working view


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