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Arm Lift Bucket Truck

​Hight Quality 22m Height Arm Lift Bucket Truck, Aerial Working Truck

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Product Description:

Arm Lift Bucket Truck feature below:

1. The telescopic arm overhead working truck is made of high strength steel plate, the whole work telescopic arm, the built-in hydraulic driving mechanism, strong driving force, force structure, compact structure, good mobility, large range of operation, stable operation, flexible and quick.

2. H leg may choose to install: leg flashing lights, when working for a foot clearance, signal light report *.

3. Automatic leveling mechanism, with the function of manual leveling control.

4. Continuous rotary working platform can be 360 °, the operating systemwhich can be controlled within 100 m of wireless remote control and cable.

Main Specification:

Technical parameters for Brand New Dongfeng 22m Arm Lift Bucket Truck


Product Details:


Truck Picture: 

Photo 1: Left side view


Photo 2 : Front view


Photo 3: Left back view


Photo 4: Back view


Photo 5: Right back details view


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