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Skip Loader Garbage Truck

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Product Description:

This Swing Arm Refuse Truck is widely used in sanitation & municipal, industrial enterprises and residential area. The modified part can be separated from chassis, so it is easy to maintain and the mobility & readability of the truck are kept.

The characteristics of the Swing Arm Refuse Truck is the bin can be separated from the body, by hydraulic lifting operation , the bin can hanging up and down, working cycle time for one swing arm is 60s or less, that can achieve a truck with multi-bins combination operate, cyclic transportation.

The Swing Arm Refuse Truck also with dump function,the garbage can dump out directly from the bin. In general, the bin can be installed in the pit, also can be placed on the ground, according to customers demand, you can choose to add a sealed lid, which can prevent the garbage leak float in the sky that pollute the environment.

Swing Arm Refuse Truck diagram 


Main Specification:

Techinical Sheet

Swing Arm Refuse Truck DongFeng (10cbm)


Chassis brand


Approx. Dimension

7370*2500*3350 mm

GVW./Kerb Wt.

15,800 / 8,610 kg

Cab Capacity

3 persons' seat


Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner is optional

Drive Type 

4X2, left hand drive

Fuel Type    


Engine Make & Model


Engine Power

170 HP

Emission Standard

Euro III or EURO IV or Euro V


Air Brake

Wheelbase/No.of axle

3950mm / 2

Tyre Specfication


Tyre Number

6 tyres and 1 spare tyre

Max Speed

90 km/h


Automative metallic paint

Garbage box


10 CBM


Carbon steel

Equipped with

1,Hopper volume: 10CBM, base plate thickness 5mm, side plate thickness 4mm, made of high quality carbon steel plate.

2,With double hydraulic cylinders, swing operation, cycling time for one swing is 60s, equipped with rear hydraulic support, hydraulic pilot switch installed outside truck body.


Basic composition:chassis,garbage bucket,hydraulic cylinder,swing arms.


The Skip Loader Garbage Truck can be used in urban erea and suburb.

The container on the rear of the truck can be put down on the ground to gather garbage at a fixed location .When the container gathers full, the truck lift it on the flat bed on the rear of the truck, then dump the garbage in the garbage center.

Truck Picture:

Photo 1: Right side view


Photo 2 : Right front view


Photo 3 : Left back view


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