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Multi-function road sweeper features

- Dec 13, 2018 -

The multi-function full-suction sweeper is a new product developed with patented technology. It changes the traditional way of sweeping and sweeping the brush for the sweeping car in the past, and all uses airflow to complete the work, using airflow to collect dust and garbage. Stored so it is very efficient. The product can effectively reduce dust pollution, improve air quality, reduce the content of respirable particulate matter in the air, and improve people's living environment. 

Its characteristics:

· Fully suction dry sweeper. All work is done with airflow, combined with blowing and suction, without secondary dust.

· No need to use water without brush, save energy, dry suction, the car is over, the ground is clean.

· The cleaning effect is good. From tens of micron dust to ordinary pebbles, leaves and other debris can be effectively removed, the cleaning efficiency is 98% or more, it can be said that "sweeping ten times is better than sucking again."

· Simple structure, less wear parts, easy to use and maintain, and easy to operate.

· Low maintenance costs.