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Overview of the model of the road sweeper

- Dec 13, 2018 -

It can be widely used in trunk roads, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks and other road cleaning. The road sweeper not only can clean the garbage, but also can remove and purify the air medium on the road, which not only ensures the beauty of the road, maintains the sanitation of the environment, maintains the good working condition of the road surface, and reduces and prevents traffic accidents. The occurrence and further extension of the service life of the road. It has become a trend to use road sweepers to carry out road maintenance in China.

The road sweeper is a special sanitation vehicle equipped with a cleaning system such as a sweeping brush. It is mainly used for cleaning work in large and medium-sized urban sanitation departments. The road sweeper has greatly liberated the work intensity of sanitation workers, improved work efficiency, and reduced secondary pollution such as dust.