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Classification Of Garbage Trucks

- Dec 13, 2018 -

By model: micro-waste trucks, small garbage trucks, medium-sized garbage trucks, heavy-duty garbage trucks, single-bridge garbage trucks, double-bridge garbage trucks, flat-head garbage trucks, and pointed garbage trucks.

According to the varieties: light truck, small fighter garbage truck, Dolly truck garbage truck, Sanping diesel garbage truck, 145 garbage truck, 153 garbage truck, 1208 garbage truck, Changan mini garbage truck, etc.

According to the purpose: self-unloading garbage truck, swing arm type (ground pit type dual-purpose type) garbage truck, sealed garbage truck (sealed cover type, front sliding cover type, hydraulic clamshell type garbage truck), hanging barrel type garbage truck , pull-arm garbage truck (hook-arm garbage truck, car-mounted garbage truck), compression garbage truck (side loading, rear loading and unloading compressed garbage truck), kitchen garbage truck (drinking water truck), etc.

According to the chassis: garbage truck can use Dongfeng chassis, liberation chassis, Futian chassis, heavy truck chassis, Changan chassis, Jianghuai chassis.