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Garbage Truck Exempt From Advertising

- Dec 13, 2018 -

The garbage truck is exempt from the notice, that is, the garbage truck is exempted. The customer can purchase the vehicle without the vehicle to purchase additional tax. The calculation method for the garbage purchase vehicle exemption vehicle purchase tax is: because the purchase price of the special invoice for motor vehicle sales is included VAT tax, so when calculating the vehicle purchase tax, you must first remove the 17% VAT, that is, the sprinkling vehicle purchase tax tax price = the fare ÷ 1.17, and then calculate the tax rate of 10% The purchase tax of sprinkler vehicles. For example, the consumer buys a 100,000-yuan sprinkler and removes the VAT portion and pays 10% tax. The calculation formula is 100000÷1.17×10%=8547 yuan, which can save the customer the amount of the coupon. 8.5% or so, greatly reducing the cost of the user's car purchase. In addition, garbage trucks, sprinklers and other national regulations can be exempted, namely: exemption from vehicle additional purchase tax! However, there are regulations in some places, except that some units (such as sanitation) are exempt from personal expropriation.

Garbage Vehicle Purchase Tax Exemption Operation Process: To the purchase tax payment hall, the staff will provide the tax-free card for this vehicle according to the exemption announcement, and the duty-free card will be sent to the local vehicle management office.