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Garbage Truck Information

- Dec 13, 2018 -

Garbage trucks are classified into: compact garbage trucks, dump trucks, swing arm garbage trucks, pull arm garbage trucks, hook-arm garbage trucks (vehicle detachable garbage trucks), sealed garbage trucks, and hanging buckets. Garbage truck (self-loading garbage truck). Mainly include: Dongfeng, Chang'an, Futian, Jianghuai, Isuzu series; products are divided into: Dongfeng Xiaobawang garbage truck, Dongfeng Dolly truck garbage truck, Dongfeng light truck garbage truck, Dongfeng pointed garbage truck, Dongfeng 145 garbage truck, Dongfeng 153 garbage truck Changan garbage truck, Futian garbage truck, Jianghuai garbage truck, Isuzu garbage truck, etc.

Garbage trucks are mainly used for municipal sanitation, large factories and mines, for transporting various kinds of garbage, suitable for transporting residential garbage, and can compress and crush the loaded garbage to increase its density and volume, greatly improving The efficiency of garbage collection and transportation. The new garbage truck has the characteristics of reliable quality, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low operating cost.