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Garbage Truck Sewage Leakage Problem Solution

- Dec 13, 2018 -

People's lives are inseparable from sanitation garbage trucks, especially for cities. In densely populated cities, the amount of garbage generated every day is large, but the land is limited, so the disposal of garbage becomes a serious problem. problem.

If the garbage is not handled properly, it will bring serious pollution to the environment. For example, the pollution caused by the leakage of garbage and sewage will make the road smelly, so it is more important to solve this phenomenon. Therefore, we must find ways to increase the volume of the sewage tank and handle the collection and discharge of sewage.

It is necessary to increase the volume of the waste water tank, and this is also the primary method to solve the sewage outflow. The sewage tank can be arranged in the front lower part of the filling device, and the space between the filler and the lower part of the car body can be better utilized, the rear suspension of the vehicle can be reduced, the departure angle can be increased, but the volume of the sewage tank is small, and the expansion potential is small. Also small; there is a kind of sewage tank can be placed under the bottom of the filler, abandon the space between the filler and the lower part of the car, while increasing the rear suspension of the vehicle, reducing the departure angle, the volume of the sewage tank Large, and the potential for expansion is also large.

It is convenient to dump the sewage. Second, it is easy to clean the inner cavity of the sewage tank. Third, it is necessary to take care of the work of sanitation workers. In the past, sewage treatment was often solved by means of an external hose, which was often unusable due to clogging of the sewage pipe during use. If such a sewage switch is used, the sewage outlet is made rectangular, the opening is increased as much as possible, and the lower edge is level with the floor of the sanitation garbage truck sewage tank, which can effectively remove the scale and then adopt the external hose discharge method, so that the effect will be more it is good.