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Overview Of Garbage Compression Vehicles

- Dec 13, 2018 -

Today's domestic garbage accounts for the largest part of the main garbage, but the domestic garbage is relatively fluffy, so the area occupied is relatively large, and the number of garbage trucks is also relatively large. The garbage compression vehicle compresses and compacts the garbage, reduces the number of times the garbage truck is transported, and also avoids the pollution caused by the fluffy flying everywhere.

The garbage compression vehicle consists of a sealed garbage compartment, a hydraulic system, and an operating system. The whole vehicle of the compression vehicle is fully sealed. The sewage in the process of self-compression, self-dumping and compression all enters the sewage compartment, which completely solves the problem of secondary pollution during the transportation of the compressed vehicle. The key components are imported components and have pressure. Large, good sealing, easy to operate, safe and so on.