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Use Of Compressed Garbage Truck

- Dec 13, 2018 -

Compressed garbage truck: It adopts electromechanical and hydraulic integration technology, adopts automatic control system of machine, electricity and liquid, and realizes garbage loading, crushing or crushing and strong filling through special devices such as carriage, filler and pusher. Finally, the garbage compaction is squeezed into the compartment and transported to the destination for automatic push and unloading. Its outstanding features: the garbage collection method is simple, efficient, with repeated compression and peristaltic compression and other functions, high compression ratio, large loading quality, automatic operation, good power and environmental protection, and high utilization efficiency of the whole vehicle.

Compressed garbage truck introduction: Compressed garbage truck mainly realizes the garbage dumping, crushing or squeezing the compressed garbage truck produced by Xinzhong Green Company through special equipment such as garbage compartment, filler, pusher and hydraulic system. Garbage collection is convenient, efficient, and can automatically and repeatedly compress garbage, as well as creep compression function, high compression ratio, large load, automatic operation and good sealing.

Compressed garbage truck is fully sealed. The sewage in the compression process directly enters the sewage compartment to completely solve the secondary pollution in the garbage transportation process. The key components are imported components.

With hanging bucket lifting frame, it can be used with the national common iron hanging bucket or plastic hanging bucket, strong loading, pushing the garbage into the compartment and compacting and shoving.